The trail of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria ends with a celebration in Plaza de Santa Ana

Aythami López and Samanta Vega win the medium distance race; Marta Padrón and Marcos Quintana conquest the short one

The LPA Trail 2023 is history. An edition marked by the high level of participation in its 3 distances (21, 13 and 5 kilometers) and by the spectacular times of the winners of each of the races. The race promoted by the Instituto Municipal de Deportes del Ayuntamiento de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria institute and the fundraiser gala Gran Canaria Isla Europea del Deporte celebrated today its eighth edition. The race has already been consolidated in the Canary Islands mountain racing calendar as a test suitable for all ages and levels. Today, more than 600 participants experienced being a finisher of the LPA Trail, in addition to about 60 children who premiered the LPA Kids modality around the capital’s cathedral.

The temperature and conditions of the area today were ideal for the participants to ‘fly’ along the route of the LPA Trail. At 10 in the morning the three exits took place simultaneously: the long race from the Plaza de Santa Ana, the medium one from the neighborhood of Fondillo and the short one from the ravine of Guiniguada at the height of Albiturría. In total, more than 600 people dedicated Sunday morning to enjoy the greenest trails in the history of the LPA Trail, with spectacular landscapes in the heart of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The tour, as usual, has gone through the historic center of Vegueta, the neighborhood of San Juan, the heights of Barranco Seco, El Fondillo, Tafira and the magical enclave of the Viera y Clavijo Botanical Garden before entering the track of the Guiniguada ravine to head towards the finish. A fast, simple and convincing route between runners.

Estela Guerra, who was born in the island of Gran Canaria, has finally achieved the coveted first place in the long distance race of the LPA Trail. After beating the medium distance race and being second in the long one in previous years, today the runner of the Arista Pro Team has been the best in the race of 21 kilometers and has managed to win at home. The women’s podium was completed by Raquel Padilla and TatiaMujica who, in a tight finish, managed to seal the third place.

Owen Davies has been the other great protagonist of the day. The British, champion of numerous races in Greece, Turkey or the UK, was landing on this LPA Trail after an exceptional fourth place at the Transgrancanaria Advanced three weeks ago. He was the greatest candidate for victory and proved it, dominating the race from start to finish. He crossed the finish line just a minute later than the record held by the Basque Aritz Egea since last edition. Ione Guerra – Estela’s brother – completed a magnificent family day and finished in second position, while Aitor Navarro, resident in Lanzarote, finished in third position.

La emoción ha reinado en la distancia media del evento, con un final de infarto en la categoría masculina entre Aythami López y Aday López. Tan solo dos segundos han separado a estos dos velocísimos atletas en sus tiempos finales en la meta, decidida al sprint en favor de Aythami. Ambos deportistas han finalizado la carrera a un impresionante ritmo medio de 03:47 minutos el kilómetro. El tercer puesto de estos 13 kilómetros ha sido para José Antonio Cazorla. Por su parte, en la categoría femenina la más rápida de la mañana en la distancia media ha sido Samanta Vega, con un claro dominio sobre el resto de perseguidoras. Sandra Moreno ha brillado en el segundo cajón de un podio completado por Sheila Falcón en tercera posición.

The earliest risers at the finish line of Santa Ana have been the participants of the short distance of 5.5 kilometers. Marta Padrón has raised the goal as champion of this event, followed by Nereida Díaz and María Climent. Marcos Quintana, Daniel Herrera and Jorge Álvarez were the three fastest in this fleeting race through the Guiniguada ravine.

The great atmosphere in the historic quarter of Vegueta has been accompanied this year by children’s races. On a date as marked as Father’s Day, on 19 March more than 60 children met in front of the Cathedral to feel the sensation of crossing the finish line of a great race. From babies as young as one-year-old to 13-year-old teenagers, passion for sport has been the common denominator in this children’s race.

The LPA Trail is organized by Arista Eventos and is sponsored by the Ayuntamiento de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria throughthe Instituto Municipal de Deportes (IMD), Cabildo de Gran Canaria through the Instituto Insular de Deportes, Turismo de Gran Canaria and the Jardín Botánico Canario Viera y Clavijo; the Gobierno de Canarias with Promotur – Turismo de Islas Canarias, Fred. Olsen Express, Gofio La Piña, YoPro – Danone and Lorenzo González Automoción.


Carrera larga (21 kms)

Men’s rankings:

  1. Owen Davies (01:22:50)
  2. Ione Guerra (01:27:20)
  3. Aitor Navarro (01:31:37)

Women’s rankings:

  1. Estela Guerra (01:44:32)
  2. Raquel Padilla (01:50:37)
  3. María Tatiana Mujica (01:56:33)

Medium distance race (13,5 kms)

Men’s rankings:

  1. Aythami López (00:51:06)
  2. Aday López-Abellán (00:51:08)
  3. José Antonio Cazorla (00:54:01)

Women’s rankings:

  1. Samanta Vega (01:10:37)
  2. Sandra Moreno (01:12:30)
  3. Sheila Falcón (01:12:36)

Short distance race (5,5 kms)

Men’s rankings:

  1. Marcos Quintana (00:20:02)
  2. Daniel Herrera (00:20:18)
  3. Jorge Álvarez (00:21:06)

Women’s rankings:

  1. Marta Padrón (00:28:48)
  2. Nereida Díaz (00:29:28)
  3. María Climent (00:30:47)

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